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  • Shatchandi Anushthan Yagya
  • Amrit Sanjivani Anushthan Yagya
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Anushthan Yagya
  • Gayatri Anushthan Yagya

    All Kind of Vedic Poojas, Anushthans & Yagyas

Shatchandi Anushthan Yagya

The Goddess of this anushthan is Mother 'CHANDI'. This anushthan is very powerful to save us. In this anushthan any type of problem is solve by sidh of Maa Durga problem like litication, delay of marriage, disputes in family property. Problem in business. victory in election, trouble from enemy. to prevent us from all type of diseases prevent from all type of negative energy.

Amrit Sanjivani Anushthan Yagya

Lord of this anushthan is Lord Shiva. This anushthan is done when you are suffering from dangerous disease like Cancer, Heart Attack, pain and all type of uncureable disease. this anushthan is also helps us when our business is flop any going to stop this save us from this condition. when our married life is going to worst condition its helps us save the marriage life and makes its beautiful and enjoyful. When a couple unable to conceive the pregnancy due to conceive the pregnancy

Maha Mrityunjaya Anushthan Yagya

Lord of this anushthan is lord shiva. This anushthan is done to achive single target in one time. following are the reasons and forgets which can be achieved by this anushthan.

1. To same your life, family, profession, business, for bad effects. When period of crnel surya, mangal, shani, rahu ketu is in progress.

2. When uncurable disease hit your life or any body our dear one. This anushthan help us to achive recovery from that uncurable disease.

3. When after doing so much struggle in your life you feel that you are not able to achieve what you are capable of do this anushthan to achive.

4. When there is question of Do Die position in your life, health and business from where you feel that you can not survive Do this anushthan. you will successed.

5. To get rid from Kalsarpa and its effects for a certain period of time.

Gayatri Anushthan Yagya

Gayatri Anushthan yagya is done for purity of karma and enlightenment.This yagya is the Mother of all Vedic yagyas. According to the Vedic scriptures the Gayatri yagya is the most purifying one. It has capacity to wash off the black spots of bad karma that create life long misfortune in some area or the other of life. This great yagya softens and balances ones karma or destiny. Traditionally, the Gayatri yagya is done for 200% fulfillment and bliss in life – 100% material and 100% spiritual. Many of my clients have done this yagya and experience its auspicious influences.

A specially performed Yagya not only produces extremely auspicious results and spiritual benefits but also makes us the medium of world peace and well being by enhancing humane feelings and spiritual wisdom in all of us. The chanting of mantras (prescribed prayers) while performing the yagya is expected to ensure fulfillment of specific intentions. The significance of Yagya has been recognized since ancient times. These practices have continued over time only because they were proven to be authentic and effective. Yagya is a very specific and scientific process.

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